2018 Events 

June 16th – SK Magna Wave at SS Equestrian

Samantha Klink, a certified Magna Wave PEMF Practitioner for humans, horses and small animals and will be offering her services at the farm on June 16th!

Magna Wave PEMF is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency delivered through a coil to increase blood oxygenation, reduce inflammation and stimulate acupressure points to produce a happy, healthy and relaxed horse.

By doing this it:

-Relieves muscle soreness and stiffness

-Improves performance

-Reduces inflammation

-Increases range of motion

-Accelerates the body’s own healing

**Sam was at the farm in September and the horses LOVED their Magna Wave treatments and felt GREAT afterwards.**

Sam will be offering us special discounted rates. She will only be charging us $50 per horse IF at least 6 horses sign up. Treatment for dogs will be available for only $30. This offer is available for farm residents AND ship ins. Please RSVP with Sam at SS Equestrian before the 16th– you do not need to pay until the day of the event.